Radical Heights Founders Pack available as DLC

Radical Heights, the new 80s inspired Battle Royale from Cliffy B run Boss Key Productions is now available.

The free Early Access shooter lets you loot weapons,gadgets, cosmetics and cash as you ride on bikes and shoot other contestants in a bid to be famous. Alongside it is a Founders Pack DLC which offers some neat upgrades.

For $14.99 / £11.39, you get 20 pieces of exclusive character cosmetics inspired by 80s action films. This includes new headwear, footwear and upper body wear, like unique hair styles, boots made for BMX riding and bandoliers.


You also get 1,2500 Rad Gems which let you buy some of the neat gear from the prize room.

Boss Key Productions recently cited the problems they had with Lawbreakers with this being the follow-up title. Seemingly been in development for only five months, Radical Heights is a game Boss Key are creating and publishing by themselves.

Fancy trying it out for yourself? Download Radical Heights here

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