Randal’s Monday Details Emerge

You may remember Daedalic Entertainment from such point and click-em-ups as Deponia, The Whispered World and A New Beginning. Well, now they are joining forces with Nexus Games Studios to bring you a new level of adventure geekery with Randal’s Monday. It may not be due for release until Q3 2014, but the PR machine is in full flow and details are starting to emerge…

Randal, the kleptomaniac, sociopath protagonist wakes up after his friends’ engagement party with a massive hang-over and the soon to be grooms’ wallet in his pocket, containing the precious engagement ring, no less. Being the loving and thoughtful friend that he is, Randal sells the said ring, causing Matt to top himself and Randal to be stuck re-living that fateful day, Goundhog Day style. He must now do whatever it takes to reclaim the ring or end up with a permanent case of the Mondays.

According to the official website, features  include:

– 7 great chapters – gameplay time will depend on how much time you spend in front of the TV in your childhood.
– More than 40 different environments carefully hand crafted.
– More than 50 characters including repulsive mothers, retired priests and talking skulls.
– Jillions of references and homages to geek culture.
– No zombies (which is a feature nowadays). Whoops, in fact there’s some of them… well, ZOMBIES!

If that isn’t enough there are also over 560 subtle (and not so subtle) nods to geek culture from games, TV and movies of the past 30 years.

We can’t wait for this one.

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