Reigns: Her Majesty Transformation Update expands the game

Nerial have just released a huge free update for Reigns: Her Majesty across all platforms which adds new cards, characters and deaths.

Entitled the ‘Transformation Update’ players will receive a whopping 200 new cards when they next load up Reigns: Her Majesty

These cards will include some brand new characters in the game, but also provide even more grisly, gruesome and surprising ways for the risk-seeking monarch to perish.

Check out our video of the original to see how it plays.


Reigns: Her Majesty is currently available for iOS, Android and Steam, and will shortly release on Nintendo Switch in a double pack with Reigns entitled ‘Kings and Queens’.

This will enable players to use Joy-Cons for each player as well as a combination of touchscreen and joystick controls.


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