Cayde-6 to be voiced by Nolan North in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Nathan Fillion has not recorded the final lines of dialogue for Cayde-6, the character he helped create, in Destiny 2 Forsaken.

Instead, Mr Reliable, Nolan North will be taking his place, just as he replaced Peter Dinklage as the voice of Ghost.

When Bungie came calling, Fillion was unfortunately unavailable due to scheduling conflicts. Perhaps it had something to do with a certain fan-made film around a rather infamous gaming character?

In an interview with Kotaku, he also confirmed that he did not voice Cayde-6 in the Forsaken trailer which was shown at E3.

Which is impressive because it was quite difficult to tell.


Bungie have already said that Cayde-6 is definitely dead in the events of Forsaken, which means that Nathan Fillion, in theory, will never return to the role.

Fillion, however, is not so sure. Saying in the Kotaku interview ‘He should be able to come back. I mean, that’s their whole thing, is that they come back right? The whole thing is the resurrection.’

I guess we’ll have to wait and see when Destiny 2 Forsaken launches on September 4th. The first major expansion for the game will add a new Gambit Mode, additional PvP and PvE options and loads of new gear and bonuses.

(Source: Kotaku)


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