Resident Evil 3 Resistance RP Booster Pack DLC will help increase Result Points in battle

Resident Evil 3 is out today, along with an excellent multiplayer component, Resistance and there’s some DLC to get you kickstarted.

There are three packs in total of varying prices that will help you earn Result Points, the Resistance form of in-game currency.

RP is awarded to you based on your performance in a match, and you can use it to purchase cosmetics and equipment.

There are also upgrades for and skill enhancements for some characters, like the ability to had more slots for loadouts.

It can all be earned in-game, but if you want to give yourself a bit of a boost or if there’s something you really want, then there are three packs to help you.

If you want a feel for what the Resistance mode is all about, be sure to check out our coverage of the beta. We’ll also have more in-depth coverage of the multiplayer now we have a copy of the game to hand!

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