Resident Evil Village Winter’s Expansion DLC coming in time for Halloween

The previously announced DLC for Resident Evil Village is now just a few months away.

During Capcom’s digital showcase, the Winter’s Expansion was finally revealed, which also ties in with a Resident Evil Village Gold Edition on October 28.

First up is a third person mode for the content which let’s you play as Ethan Winters in a third person perspective through the whole game, akin to previous Resident Evil games.

Next up is an expansion to The Mercenaries called ‘Additional Orders’ which adds new stages and playable characters, including Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and the 9ft vampire herself, Alcina Dimitrescu!

Finally, and most excitingly, is a new storyline expansion that follows on from the conclusion of Resident Evil Village. Shadows of Rose is set 16 years after the events of the base game, following the story of Ethan Winters daughter as she enters the consciousness of the Megmacyte.

We won’t say too much more for spoilers, but this is set to answer plenty of questions people have had following the conclusion of the game.

Also announced during the showcase is Resident Evil Re:Verse will finally launch at the same time as Winters Expansion.

Winters Expansion comes to Resident Evil Village on October 28.

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