Rocksmith 2014: Expansive Overview

Rocksmith makes Guitar Hero look like childsplay. This is the real deal and demands players get used to playing chords, sliding along frets and strumming strings to the greatest rock songs.

The game was a perfect fit for absolute beginners and even provided some challenges for the more experienced player.

With Rocksmith 2014, however, Ubisoft have implemented the new Session Mode, stripped the game of its original Journey mode and added in missions, and topped it all off with new Guitarcade games. As a result, the whole Rocksmith experience has received a massive boost in content.

But is it a high quality release?

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As We Play



  I’m a complete novice. I can only just about manage hard on Guitar Hero, so I came into Rocksmith with a limited skill set. But this game has helped improve my reactions. It has made me aware of how to handle a guitar, and its definitely made me competent and composed behind a six string.

The wonderful thing about Rocksmith 2014 is that it doesn’t feel like an educational tool. This is full of all the fun and excitement you’ll find in any great game and learning to play elements of your favourite songs, hearing those familiar chords echo from your fingertips, provides some of the most satisfying moments i’ve experienced in any game this gen.

Whether you fancy creating something in Session Mode with the backing of 50 different instruments, trying your hand at playing your favorite song, or hanging out in the ultra-addictive Guitarcade, Rocksmith 2014 is an absolutely essential investment if you’re the least bit serious about learning to play the guitar.

A substantial improvement over last years’ installment, Rocksmith 2014 is a Strum-Sation!

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