Rumour: Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Season 1 roster uncovered

Dragon Ball FighterZ appears to have been datamined and the Season 1 roster may have been uncovered.

With Broly and Bardock already added as DLC characters, it appears there will be six more to follow according to modder Mizumi

He has uncovered codenames in a new backup file in the windows version of Dragon Ball FighterZ, with Broly labelled as ‘CharaBRS’ and Bardock listed as ‘CharaBDN’.

The rumoured added characters, if you go by the code names are, as follows…

  • ZMB – Fused Zamasu
  • VTB – Vegito Blue
  • GKN – Goku Normal or Base Form
  • VGN – Vegta Normal or Base Form
  • AVP – Android 17 from tournament of Power
  • CLF – Cooler

(Thanks to Event Hubs and Mizumi for the details)

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