RuneScape’s Lost City of the Elves is Open for Business

Fantasy MMO-em-up Runescape just got a little bit bigger with the announcement today that Prifddinas, the high-level content capital, has finally opened its doors to players. The crystalline metropolis will conclude a quest chain first started in 2004 and give access to a whole bunch of new people, places, quests and battles. Fancy a video? Of course you do…

There are four clans Iorwerth, Trahaearn, Crwys and Cadarn each with their own unique area of interest. Lets go to the horses mouth for some more details on the clans:

Clan Iorwerth, for example, presents the challenge of slaying 10 bosses sequentially. With each victory, however, comes hardship, as the defeated enemy drops a dark crystal that then debuffs a player in preparation for the next fight in the series.

Less perilous tasks can be found in Clan Trahaearn’s zone where the introduction of Seren Stones allows characters to work up their mining and smithing skills.

Further around the circular structure of the city you’ll encounter Clan Cadarn and its Max Guild Garden, where the dedicated can top out their skills and, ultimately, earn themselves a place on the Throne of Fame.

Last, but by no means least, Clan Crwys brings a more earthy appeal to farmers and woodcutters allowing them access to the elder tree patch, as well as unlocking a third spirit tree.

That isn’t all those fine folks at Jagex have up their voluminous sleeves though, there is a whole second half of the city to be unlocked later this year, opening up the Hefin, Meilyr, Ithell, and Amlodd clan districts, along with even more high-level content.

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