In Other News: Running, Aladdin, Humble Bundle

Mobile gaming running riot kickstarts this edition

God is a Geek

Run Like Hell Review


It’s Temple Run, but from the side. That’s what it seems like anyway. Or perhaps not. Mick Fraser has been playing this latest Vita release, but was it worth the run-around? Find out here

The Average Gamer

Aladdin vs Aladdin


It’s the debate that rages on. Was Virgin’s platform interpretation of Aladdin better than Capcom’s own take? Amazingly, people are split right down the middle, still unable to make up their mind over 20 years on. Yes, really. Need more insight? Why not read this piece from The Average Gamer which does a mighty fine job of painting a picture.

GGS Gamer

Destiny Review


We’ve certainly had our fair share of Destiny coverage on the site as you well know, but if you’re looking for another opinion, why not take a read of Dave’s review of the game over on GGS Gamer? It may just help if you’re still unsure about diving in yourself

Stick Twiddlers

Deal of the Week: Humble Bundle 12



And another fantastic deal from the guys at Stick Twiddlers, this one featuring the creme of the Indie crop. It’s a who’s who of awesome: Luftrausers, Paper’s Please, Gunpoint, Gone Home, Prison Architect, and more. You need to get on this as there’s hours and hours of entertainment here for a nominal fee. Read on for more details


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