Saints Row 4 Season Pass Announced

The Hail to the Chief week continues with a major boom-worthy boom, Koch Media have announced that Saints Row 4 will have a Season Pass!

Not only that but the game has gone GOLD.

Yes, Gold. No delays. No hiccups. No unexpected last minute snags. You’re going to get Saints Row 4 next month!

The Season Pass will hit for a very respectable £7.99 and will feature two brand new mission packs, as well as a Season Pass exclusive.

What exclusive, you ask? Wait for it…

The ‘Rectifier’, … An anal probe weapon that will help the President of the good old US of A get ‘inside information’

Dear, oh, dear…

Also, remember Enter the Dominatrix? Well, it’s officially part of the Season Pass. This previously cut DLC from Saints Row: The Third is now a tongue-in cheek vision of what the content was going to be originally.

The second piece of content will release late 2013

How’s about that for good news?

Now watch this video and celebrate!

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