Sanctum 2 The Last Stand is final DLC

The fourth and final piece of DLC releases for Sanctum 2 on Steam today, as The Last Stand introduces new enemies and weapons to the game.

‘The Last Stand’ Key Features:

  • Menacing Monstrosities – Gamers will be tested to their limits with two dangerous enemies.  Spore Pods fly slowly but in large numbers, diving with explosive suicide destruction.  The agile Spore Keeper is the perfect killing machine, firing homing projectiles when jumping and delivering a stunning shockwave attack upon landing.
  • Armed and Ready – Two new weapons of massive destruction: the Smatterband launches sticky explosives that detonate with rapid “mini-explosions” directly on the target and the Plasma Rifle delivers precise laser attacks with a devastating secondary fire option.
  • The Power of Towers – Take advantage of the two coolest tower defense machines inThe Last Stand.  The Anti-Air Tower launches powerful long range homing rockets and the Orbital Strike Relay calls forth a tremendously powerful laser beam from the skies to strike down upon enemies.
  • Perk It Up – Customize each guardian with eight rad new perks.

Spray N’ Pray – Increases spread damage and range by 40%
Biological Warfare – Killing enemies with a weakspot hit leaves a damaging poison cloud
Overkill – Killing an enemy with a weakspot hit adds overkill damage to your next weakspot hit
Warming Up – Not hitting an enemy in the weakspot adds 10% to weakspot damage multiplier that can stack up to 10 times.
Hydra Blood – Health regeneration and speed of health regeneration is doubled
Steady Aim – Standing still increases damage by 5% per second for a maximum boost of 50%
Upper Class – The higher players are above the enemy increases weapon damage by 50%
Roboticist – Killing an enemy spawns a SiMo robot unit to assist players (maximum 1 SiMo unit at a time per player)

  • Four Additional Maps – Jump into the fray with new battleground layouts including a map inspired by the original Sanctum and Super Sanctum TD.  To help face the new enemies inThe Last Stand, gamers can take advantage of The Rolfinator Defensive Turret, a huge manually controlled tower. Found in three of the four new maps, players can actually jump inside the turret and obliterate enemies from afar.

The Last Stand is now available for PC.

Sanctum 2 is on Xbox Live and Playstation Network for $14.99

Check out the release trailer (and listen to that horrendous music!)

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