Cuphead receiving major free DLC update on April 18, Switch Release Confirmed

Following the massive announcement during Nintendo Indies Direct yesterday, Cuphead will release on Switch with a host of changes.

Coming April 18, a free DLC update will also be available for PC and Xbox owners which make some major tweaks ahead of The Delicious Last Course.

The big story is that Mugman can now be played in single-player and even has his own theme music. Pretty sweet!

Studio MDHR have also gone back and re-animated the cinematic cut scenes while also adding in some new art. There’s new fight intros for both Cuphead and Mugman as well as additional special effects.

There’s lots of quality of life fixes, bug quashing and even reduced loading times to improve the overall stability and speed of the game.

Finally the game has been localised into additional languages, with specially curated fonts for each language. Studio MDHR even partnered with calligraphers to use unique lettering for Korean, Chinese and Japanese boss battles and title cards.

Cuphead’s release on Switch seems to be further strenghten the relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo, following their cross-play synchronicity and the unique tile sets devised for Minecraft. Rumours suggest that this is just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Cuphead’s free major DLC update releases April 18, the same day as the game’s launch on Switch. There’s still no release date for The Delicious Last Course, though we hope to hear more on that closer to E3.

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