Saruman the White finally revealed as a Guardian of Middle Earth

The first character outside of the Season Pass has been revealed, and it’s Saruman the White.

Saruman, as acted by Christopher Lee in the major motion pictures, is an integral part of the Lord of the Rings world. Serving as both a Guardian and an oppressor of Middle Earth, the White Wizard can now be used in battle.

Before his betrayal,  Saruman was the Chief of the Wizards and leader of the White Council, including leading fellow Wizards, Radagast and Gandalf, all of whom were sent to protect Middle-earth.

Saruman is an Enchanter and his abilities are as follows…

  • Focused Magic: Stuns enemy Guardian, deals area ability damage
  • Spies of Saruman: Reveals, slows and deals ability damage over time
  • Burst Shield: Shield that detonates for area ability damage and silence
  • Power of the White Wizard: Channeled ability damage over time

He is available now. Check out the trailer to see him in action…



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