Scourge Outbreak v1.103 fixes lots of bugs

A major new update for Scourge Outbreak has now released and there are now various bug fixes and improvements for the main game.

The Bot support for multiplayer has not yet been implemented but is currently being worked on. And a new Incursion DLC map is expected soon.

Meanwhile here’s the full changelog for the current patch


  • Added Say/TeamSay key bindings for text chat in Co-op/Versus modes.
  • Added Controls option for enabling/disabling Controller vibration.
  • Fixed several graphics issues in LOW and LOWEST pre-defined graphics modes.
  • When matchmaking for Versus games, the game will now search for additional players for a minute or two, then put you in a game on your own if no-one is found. This allows you to run around exploring and testing things while waiting for someone to join, instead of having to sit in the lobby (twiddling your thumbs) while waiting. This was the fastest way to implement the closest thing to an ‘open public’ server that several Steam community users asked for.
  • Co-op Campaign matchmaking now always shows you a list of available Co-op games, instead of automatically joining the game which most closely matches your preferences.
  • Fixed various bugs related to creating LAN Co-op games.
  • Fixed several Leaderboard issues including endlessly updating Leaderboards and incorrect XP totals for some players.
  • Fixed several localisation (translation) mistakes.


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