Civilization Beyond Earth is spiritual successor to Alpha Centurai

Coming Fall 2014, Firaxis are working on a spiritual successor to Alpha Centurai. Civilization Beyond Earth is deep in development and is coming to PC this year, just announced at PAX East.

The game will set players out on an Alien World to start, be it a Lush, Airy or Fungal area and see them develop alien architecture. However, when players win the space race, this does not finish the game, rather it starts a new phase. Players will build outposts to venture away from their planet and can meet other worlds and civilizations. The choice of whether to leave them alone or destroy them is entirely up to the player.

There is also a unique spin on the winning conditions. Players can actual return to Earth in order to win the game and to do this, they will send a satellite to orbit it. They can then choose to go back to Earth, or bring some refugees onto your nee homeworld. Elements like Diplomacy, Fog of War and Relics will also make a return.

We don’t have an exact release date yet but, good news, we do have a divine looking trailer.

A new beginning for mankind has arrived.


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