Shadows of Rose Resident Evil Village DLC will conclude Winter’s Story

The upcoming DLC for Resident Evil 8: Village will seemingly bring a close to the Winters story arc.

Confirmed by Capcom in an interview with IGN from Tokyo Game Show, series director, Kento Kinoshita, has said that this DLC will close the book on the Winters family.

We’ve also found out that Shadows of Rose will be around a four hour piece of story content.

For those who’ve played and finished Resident Evil 8, this may make a lot of sense and it does seem to lend itself to the theory that the next Resident Evil instalment will focus on a new character or familiar franchise player.

For those who haven’t played Resident Evil 8, you should probably do that before reading any more about this piece of content as heavy spoilers do follow.

In Shadows of Rose, players will play as Rose, the daughter of Ethan and Mia Winters. This was eluded to at the end of Resident Evil 8 in a post credit sequence following the shocking conclusion of the game.

As part of a wider update, a third person mode is also being added to Resident Evil Village to bring it more in-line with previous games. Resident Evil 8 is also being adapted for VR.

Shadows of Rose, the first and final piece of story content for Resident Evil Village launches October 28.

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