Shenmue III gives us a Story Quest Pack from today

The second DLC for Shenmue III is now available as the Story Quest Pack re-introduces us to a face from the past.

The creatively titled Story Quest Pack will cost £4.99 and sees Ryo Hazuki once again cross paths with Zhang Shugin

We first meet Zhang in Shenmue II when he slips Ryo a note to come meet him at a diner. It’s there Zhang tells Ryo about Ren of Heavens for the first time.

Zhang helps Ryo throughout Shenmue II, seemingly always finding himself in a scrape and it seems this DLC is no different.

The blurb tells us that Ryo and Zhang become embroiled in a new escapade where nothing is as it seems.

DLC 1 – Battle Rally DLC – released a few weeks back on January 21, which lets you compete head to head in races.

We also know there’s one more piece of content to come as part of the Season Pass.

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