Shiny Shuckle now spawning everywhere from April 20, Shiny Meltan returns to boxes in PoGo

Pokemon GO is keeping in the Easter spirit with the return of Shiny Meltan and the rollout of Shiny Shuckle.

To coincide with the current Eggstravaganza event with Shiny Buneary and the opportunity to raid Latios, Niantic still have plenty of surprises in store.

From tomorrow, to celebrate the Pokemon Go Safari Zone event in Singapore, Shiny Shuckle will be in the game from April 20 at 6am to April 21 at 10pm local time.

Interestingly, Shiny Lapras which is also in the Safari Zone event has not been confirmed for a global Shiny rollout, much to the dismay of the PoGo community.

Additionally, Shiny Meltan will return to Mystery Boxes from April 24th until May 5th. This also reduces the time of opening them to just three days instead of the usual seven.

As always, the only way to get a Mystery Box is by trading a Pokemon from Go to Let’s Go on Switch which, in turn, adds a Mystery Box to your inventory.

Niantic also confirmed this week that the next Community Day on May 19th will be centered around Torchic which will get a Shiny form and new move. There will also be 3 Hour Lures and 3x Catch Stardust.

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