Shovel Knight King of Cards and Showdown DLC delayed one last time

Yacht Club Games have revealed that the final DLC for Shovel Knight, King of Cards and Showdown, will no longer meet April 9 release date.

Both pieces of content are still expected in 2019, however, and are likely to be delayed for several months at most.

Yacht Club Games haven’t confirmed a time scale or date as yet, but have stated the reason is to further polish the end product and create something of the highest possible quality.

As expected, this will also impact the dates for the forthcoming physical editions, digital patches, and Amiibos as well.

They’ve apologised for the delay and indicated they understand that it is ‘disappointing’. As with all things though, this team knows their game better than anyone and will only release something when they’re completely happy.

What is also hugely ambitious for such a small team is that Shovel Knight is on every platform right now, something that they didn’t have to contend with during previous updates. There’s a lot of work and plenty of testing to go around, especially for a simultaneous release.

Shovel Knight King of Cards and Showdown are two of our most anticipated pieces of content this year, so you bet we’ll let you know as soon as we hear a peep.

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