Black Ops 4 Pass Content adds Operation Grand Heist on February 19, DLC Roadmap revealed

Operation Grand Heist is the next major event for Black Ops 4 starting February 19.

The massive expansion will give Black Ops 4 Pass Holders 2 new multiplayer maps and the return of the Outrider as a specialist. Outrider offers overwatch but also uses a longbow to take out enemies quickly and quietly.

Meanwhile, Ghost Town is a new location added for Blackout, with Outlaw being the new multiplayer map, and Buried giving you somewhere new to fight zombies.

Hot Pursuit and One in the Chamber have also been added as extra modes, with new vehicles loaded in for Blackout, and new weapons, camos, and outfits for the game overall.

Three more operations will also be coming to Black Ops 4 through 2019, including new Zombies Map – Ancient Evil – and in-game event in March. Ancient Evil will be the last map in the Chaos story arc.

On top of that, a new Merit system is being added in for Blackout, with Hardcore mode also being added to the playlist, new weather and lighting options, major updates to the Black Market and a new money bag melee weapon.

Also, if you’re not a Black Ops 4 Pass holder then the ‘Classified’ Zombies bonus map will be available as a seperate DLC purchase from tomorrow on PS4.

Black Ops 4 is about to get a whole lot bigger starting tomorrow.

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