(Updated) Soul Calibur 6 DLC 3 Character Creation Set A out now, was accidentally released for free

(Update) Bandai Namco have since updated the price of this DLC to £4.99 after seemingly releasing it for free by mistake.

The DLC Pack is, of course, free for all Season Pass holders, but everyone else has to pay seperately.


(Original Story) Bandai Namco have surprise-released Soul Calibur DLC 3 today and it’s totally free!

Last week we showed off some images from the content which were released online by Bandai Namco’s Taiwanese Instagram page.

Now the content has dropped on the PlayStation store with a ton of extras to add to the game.

There are 67 character creation items to use, including new items for Soul Calibur 6, and 16 items brought back from Soul Calibur: Lost Swords.

Additionally, there are 11 items for regular characters and 34 additional items.

To add to that, 28 new music tracks have been added to the game score, with all 17 tracks of battle music from Soul Blade and 11 original sound tracks from the original Soul Calibur.

This is ahead of the announcement that Amy will be the next DLC character to join the Soul Calibur 6 roster, and follows on from the release of 2B from NieR: Automata.

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