Blade Strangers to get 1001 Spikes crossover DLC?

A cryptic Tweet from Nicalis has heightened speculation Aban Hawkins from 1001 Spikes is about to join Blade Strangers as DLC.

It’s a simple image that seems to show off Aban fighting Curly from Cave Story, with a caption that says ‘Aban performs a perfectly timed counter versus Curly in Crystal Cri-wait, what!?! This isn’t Crystal Crisis!’

Crystal Crisis is actually an upcoming game from Nicalis in May that crosses over puzzling and fighting and is due for release on PS4 and Switch. Aban will definitely be there, but we didn’t know he would hit Blade Strangers as well.

Eagle-eyed observers have also noted that if you turn the brightness up, you can see Character 15 in the top left hand corner of the image.

It’s been a long time since Blade Strangers has had an update so it’s certainly due. And with other famous characters from Nicalis IP already in there, this would definitely make plenty of sense. More news as we get it.