Soul Calibur 6 v1.30 will pave the way for new DLC fighter Amy to join the Stage of History on March 26

Amy is the next DLC character to be released for the Soul Calibur 6 and will arrive on March 26

To prepare for the arrival of the Winter Rose, Soul Calibur 6 will also be updated to version 1.30 on Monday, bringing new changes, tweaks and fixes to further improve the game.

As the below trailer shows, Amy has a modified La Rapiere des Sorel fighting style and uses the blade Albion to hack through her enemies. It’s pretty epic, all told.

The daughter of Raphael dances, chops and swings her way around opponents and will come as part of the Season Pass, or can be purchased seperately for $5.99, just like 2B from NieR: Automata previously.

Amy will come with an all new Soul Chronicle Story as well as Creation tools for us in building your own fighter.

More news on the patch notes as we get them.

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