Devil May Cry 5 In-Game Unlock Bundle lets you pay to access content without completing Dante Must Die

Devil May Cry 5 Key Art

Capcom have made it easier for those who don’t want to do all the hard work of beating Dante Must Die.

For £7.99, you can instantly unlock content that is usually earned through gameplay.

This includes the Super Character 3-Pack which gives you Super Nero, Dante and V, with all the bonuses.

As Super Nero you’ll get an unlimited Devil Trigger Gauge, and Red Queen is in a permanent state. Blue Rose will automatically load with explosive rounds.

Super Dante gives you an infinite Devil Trigger with maxed out Royal Guard gauge.

Super V costume, meanwhile, ensures all familiars are in a permanent buffed state and Nightmare is in combat indefinitely.

All Super costumes will reduce Stylish score by 80% though, and they can’t be used until Mission 2.

The Unlock Bundle also gives you the Taunt Trio which normally costs 3,000,000 Red Orbs. The taunts allow you to increase Style ranks more easily and they definitely ooze style.

Finally, you can get some V and Vergil Alt Colours to customize your characters.

Individually the Super Character 3 Pack costs £6.49 while the Taunt Trio costs £5.79 and the V & Vergil Alt Colors cost £1.69

If you’ve yet to dive into Devil May Cry 5, then we reckon it’s absurdly slick and entertainingly varied.

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