Spider-Man Miles Morales coming Holiday 2020 as a standalone Spider-Man adventure

One of the biggest announcements during the PlayStation 5 showcase was Spider-Man Miles Morales.

There’s been some confusion surrounding what kind of game it will be, however, with some suggesting it will be a standalone game, while others suggesting it’s base Spider-Man with new DLC.

Insomniac Games have since released a statement to say that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a ‘standalone game’

A Bloomberg report goes further to say that it will be ‘smaller than a traditional console game’ but sold as a standalone product.

It seems that the game will be similar in size and scope to an Uncharted Lost Legacy.

What seems clear is that it will be out at launch – or as close to launch as possible – of the PlayStation 5 which is a massive, must-own game right out of the gate.

Miles Morales will also supposedly be an enhancement of the original game, taking advantage of the PlayStation 5 technology and features.

Sounds exciting, we can’t wait to see more!

(Additional information from VGC, Telegraph, and Bloomberg)

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