Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps ‘The Heist’ DLC releases October 23

Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps DLC will all release in 2018 with the first chapter coming out on October 23.

The first chapter will be called ‘The Heist’ and will see Spider-Man come face to face with Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat.

The first DLC will include new missions, challenges, enemy factions, and three additional suits to unlock.

The City That Never Sleeps is a three-part saga, but players won’t have to wait long for the remaining two chapters, as they will launch in November and December respectively.

DLC 2 will be entitled Turf Wars, while DLC three is called Silver Lining. Each one will offer new suits, missions, and challenges.

The Season Pass is available for $24.99, or the episodes can be purchased seperately for $9.99.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will release on September 7th.

(Via PS Blog)

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