Splatoon 2 is full of character customisation

In today’s Nintendo Direct, we saw the wealth of customisation options available for Splatoon 2’s cast of characters.

Using Inkopolis Square – the game’s interactive hub – you can choose skin, eye colour, hair and leg wear for your characters. Everything from backwards caps to funky jewellery.

Flow will be selling the headgear to you, while Jelfonzo has got your clothing needs covered. Bisk is something a shoe specialist, and then there’s Sheldon who has a fetish for weapons.

The Direct also showed us the different weapon types and that they come in three sets, being Main, Sub or Special. You have Rollers and Chargers for standard shooters, but there are also character shooters with a stored charge.

Other weapons include the short-range Clash Blaster, the Flingza Roller, Dapple Duelies and Autobomb Hunts. As well as the Goo Tuber which holds a long charge.

For modes, there’s 4 v 4 Turf War where the team with the most turf claims the victory. Stages include Port Mackerel, Inkblot Art Academy and Moray Towers.

We then get Ranked Battles where you can choose between Tower Control, Splat Zones and Rainmaker. These modes rotate every two hours. If you win ranked battles, your rank will go up and down and, as with all online games, you’ll then be matched with others with a similar rank.

One cool thing though is that if you have a team of friends, you can use the League Battle function. These act like Ranked Matches, but wth wins and losses. You’ll also be able to upgrade and improve your gear.

Salmon Run is one of the biggest additions, though, which is a co-op mode where you agree to do jobs via Splatnet. This supports LAN play as well as wireless local. This also doubles as an app where you look at schedules, stages, your stats, win rates, the pricing of items and the availability of them and much more. This will be part of the Switch Online App.

There will also be significant content updates, including the Splat Brella which acts as a shield and charging attack. Also the Bubble Blower weapon, tons of new stages and lots of new gear for one year, and two years of new splatfests!

Finally, Hero Mode, you go alone against a multitude of challenges. It serves as something of a training mode, but also allows you to become a master in certain combat situations.

Splatoon 2 hits July 21st for Nintendo Switch


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