Splinter Cell comes to Ghost Recon Wildlands on April 10

Splinter Cell and Sam Fisher are coming back in Ghost Recon Wildlands from April 10th in Special Operations 1.

The crossover sees the Ghosts teaming up with Sam in a brand new free mission. You’ll need to head to Bolivia to infiltrate the Santa Cruz Unidad Camp in order to collect some top-secret intel at night time.

Ubisoft are touting this as one of the toughest missions the Ghosts have faced and will require you to use all sorts of tools to get the job done. And if you do that, you’ll gather some cool rewards, including Sam’s goggles, and a new night vision filter.

You can also customsie the Ghosts with a Splinter Cell Gear Pack, including the Karambit Knife, inspired by Splinter Cell Blacklist and the SC 4000 Splinter Cell Assault Rifle.

But the best part? The dulcet tones of Michael Ironside are back to soothe your eardrums. as he returns to his iconic role.

In Special Operations 1, you’ll also get to play with Echelon, a new assault class available in PvP modes, who can use high-tech equipment and weaponry.

The challenge is available for solo or co-operative play but only for a limited time. It ends May 16th 2018.

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