Star Renegades has extensive content roadmap through 2021

Star Renegades has been a surprising success story for both Massive Damage and Raw Fury.

With the grand acclaim for the game, the developers have now announced an extensive content roadmap into 2021.

Beginning this fall, there will be a new Renegade Class: Dragon – which is a damage/support hybrid fighter with the ability to absorb and rechannel Fury.

Also in the Fall will be armory upgrades, new Dragoon Progenies, Combies and Relationships, as well as UI Fixes and Quality of Life Enhancements.

Then in the Winter, new adversaries and Behemoth will be added, with a new explorable planet – Prycon. You’ll get new droid upgrades, custom game and difficulty options and more upgrades and fixes.

Later in 2021, there will be Renegade Side Quests, Adversary System Enhancements, a Daily Challenge Mode, more Renegades, planets, adversaries and behemoths, along with more gear.

Star Renegades is now available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Windows 10, Steam, and GoG.

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Sally Willington

Sally is relatively new to gaming since a newfound addiction to Nintendo Switch. Now they just can't stop playing, anything and everything. Sally especially loves a good RPG and thinks that Yuna may just be one of her favourite characters ever.
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