Tekken 7 Season Pass 4 Content will see Kunimitsu return with new DLC and updates

Tekken 7 is getting its fourth season pass with a host of new content in the coming weeks.

In a brand new trailer, it’s been revealed that Kunimitsu is coming back to the series as DLC, as well as a brand new stage – Vermillion Gates.

Kunimitsu hasn’t been in a Tekken game since the second iteration, so to say this return has been long-awaited is something of an understatement.

Bandai Namco have also revealed that there will be a series of free updates coming to the game over the fall, including new character moves, enhancements to online play, and a rank system renewal.

Then in 2021, there will be another new character and stage added to the game as part of this fourth Season Pass.

No word yet on if Tekken 7 will be supporting next-gen consoles in any way.


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