Star Wars Pinball Heroes Within launches April 29th

The final Star Wars Pinball table set from Zen Studios launches April 29th. The Heroes Within pack puts R2D2 and C3P0 in the limelight, as well as Han Solo. In total, four new tables will be coming to the game.

The Droids TM table will take our would-be heroes aboard a Jawa’s massive sandcrawler and see them try to escape by unlocking doors and finding hidden passages.

R2-D2 and C-3PO will have to use obstacles to their advantage, such as conveyor belts, welding torches, pressing machinery, robotic arms and lava pits! Although, players need to be wary of Nebit, as he tries to thwart the escape and keep our Droids captive!

As for Captain Solo, he’s got a table of his own. This table is full of every single one of his one-liners, whether he’s chewing out Chewbacca, fixing hyper-drive malfunctions or leading the charge on the Death Star. It’s a Han Solo fan’s dream come true and it’s coming to Zen Pinball in just two weeks time!

Finally, Star Wars Masters of the Force and a table dedicated to Star Wars A New Hope will also be coming in the Heroes Within Pack.  The A New Hope table focuses on all the key moments from the film, including the trash compactor and the trench run, as well as saving Princess Leia

Heroes Within will launch on PS4, PS3, Ps Vita, XBLA, Steam, iOS, Google Play, Android and the Mac App Store

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