Steam Sale kicks off in style

The Steam sale is GO.

The sale will run until July 22nd. Between now and then, some awesome deals are at hand..

Daily Deals begin with

– Bioshock Infinite at £17.49,

– Left 4 Dead 2 at £3.74

– Endless Space at £8.49

– Call of Juarez: Gunslinger at £8.03

– Defiance at £6.79

– Antichamber at £5.09

– Toki Tori 2 at £7.91

– Don’t Starve for £7.19

– Hotline Miami for £1.74

– Scribblenauts Unlimited for £3.74

As for the Flash Sales…. Well ….

– Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition is £5.99

– CS:GO is just £4.07

– Skyrim: Legendary Edition is £17.99

– GRID 2 is £17.99

As for Community Choice, it will be between Dishonored, Borderlands 2 or Far Cry 3. One of those will go live at a cheap price in the next few hours.

New this year is the addition of cards. If you craft a card, purchase £10 worth of games, vote in the Community’s Choice Flash Sale as well as trading or purchasing a card from the community market, users can collect Summer Getaway Trading Cards and then craft Summer Getaway badges, emoticons and backgrounds.

Pretty neat…

The sale begins now. If you can access the Steam client or get on the website properly … good luck

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