Street Fighter V to receive Summer 2019 Character Bundle and E Honda, Lucia, and Poison DLC

Oops, something leaked a little bit earlier than expected. Street Fighter V is getting some cool-assed DLC this weekend.

With the Evo Tournament happening between August 2 – 4, Capcom were ready to celebrate and set to announce three new SFV characters.

Except someone pressed a button early and leaked them all on the Steam page ahead of the major reveal.

There was also an accompanying trailer which was quickly removed – and has now been put live again – but we’ve seen enough to know Street Fighter legend E. Honda, as well as Poison and Final Fight’s Lucia are coming to the game on August 4.

Surprisingly, Honda is the last of the original eight fighters from Street Fighter 2 to make it into Street Fighter V.

On top of that, there’s a Summer 2019 Character Bundle with new costumes for characters, though it’s unclear who they’re for.

Here’s that trailer with lots of gameplay.

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