Suda 51 on Wii U titles: ‘Yeah of course, it’s a possibility..Consoles From Nintendo Are Always Very Important To Us’

In our Recent interview with Suda 51, Suda stressed his good relationship with Nintendo, but could he have been dropping a hint about a future Wii U title?

I guess we haven’t really announced anything yet for Wii U…Yeah of Course, it’s a possibility.

[but] consoles from Nintendo are always very important to us..

Could this mean that Grasshoper have something in the oven for Wii U?  The recent release of Liberation Maiden on 3DS, as well as the exclusive No More Heroes games and Killer 7 show that historically Suda is a loyal partner for Nintendo systems. On the other hand, he could merely be just protecting his business interests and giving a PR friendly answer.

If Suda was working on a Wii U title what would you like it to be? A new IP, or a NMH or Killer 7 sequel?

Let us know in the comments below!

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