November 2013


Democracy3 Impressions

  If I asked if you’d like to run a Country, you’d probably begin wondering what evil schemes as an omnipresent dictator you could accomplish, all while twiddling your waxed moustache. Now imagine you got to play by the rules and your entire dictator-like dreams mean nothing as you’re worrying…

As We Play

Dead Rising 3: As We Play

As we play offers the thought strands of the reviewer as they’re going through the game. This offers unique content for the reader so they can come to understand the conflicting feelings of the reviewer as they’re playing a game for the very first time. All feedback on this concept…


Review: Payday 2 Armored Transport

Payday 2 has been out for a couple of months now and though positive dialogue between OVERKILL and the community has led to enough tweaks and gameplay adjustments to put most MMO’s to shame, the launch of the Armored Transport DLC marks the first official expansion to the popular bank-heist…


Dead Rising 3 Season Pass detailed

A Dead Rising 3 Season Pass is now available to purchase on the Xbox One Marketplace. Coming in at £23.99, the Season Pass will offer 4 episodes of untold stories of Los Perdidos. The Season Pass will also include 20 new weapons, 4 new vehicles and 4 new playable characters…

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