Super Smash Bros Ultimate to get new DLC fighter from Fighter Pass 2 unveiled tomorrow

Out of nowhere, Nintendo are ready to announce the second fighter in Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Pass 2.

Tomorrow, we’re going to have a three minute long presentation unveiling the fighter, with a message from Director, Mashario Sakurai following afterwards.

Right now, there’s no conclusive rumour or indication as to who it will be. The interesting thing with Smash rumours at the moment is nothing is for sure.

The same names that have been floating around for months are still there – Dante, Master Chief, Sora, even Waluigi. Either way, this will end up being something of a surprise.

Speculation is mounting a little more around Crash Bandicoot with the release of Crash 4 later this week and the Switch is expected to get a port down the road.

However, it would definitely not surprise us to see a familiar Nintendo face like Birdo or another character related to Mario. It is his 35th Anniversary, after all.

Whatever happens, we’ll be there watching it live and will report back as soon as we know more.

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