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Expansive Overview

The Golden Joystick Awards 2014

The 32nd Golden Joysticks awards was an extremely triumphant day and one that stands as an ever increasing landmark of the popularity of both the awards and the gaming industry in general. There were deserved winners and some close runners up all presented excellently by Ed Byrne who lent flare,…


June 2014 DLC Release Schedule

June is all about the E3 hype-train. Expectedly, the game releases have slowed down considerably, and those that are releasing are not seeing a great amount of content. At least, not right away. Most have pre-order incentives, such as the Bruce Lee character for UFC and Wildstar’s Deluxe Edition extras….


Next-Gen Mass Effect Trilogy Listing Spotted

The Mass Effect news train keeps on-a-rollin’, with news breaking today via NeoGAF that South American retailer is currently listing PS4 and Xbox One versions of the original trilogy as pre-orders. There is no release date or price information to be found (surprise surprise), but the online store has…


Battlefield 4 ‘Death Shield’ Bug Discovered

That’s right folks, Battlefield 4 is suffering from yet another game breaking bug. Prolific Battlefield 4 Youtuber ‘Jack Frags’ who recently brought us the Megalodon discovery. Has discovered yet another bug to add the seemingly unending tide of issues plaguing EA’s headline multiplayer shooter. Although it may have initially been…


Stay current or upgrade?

There are an abundance of current-gen titles available for the launches of both Xbox One and Playstation 4. Major, well-recognized franchises such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and Assassin’s Creed front the bill, but then there are the likes of FIFA and NBA showing new-found sporting quality. Having played these…


Battlefield 4 PS4 patch drops today

Another massive Battlefield 4 Playstation 4 patch has dropped today. This time, DICE has gone for the jugular and really seized control of the major issues, including the ‘Kill Trade’ issue, crashes during round transition and overall improved stability. Here’s the full changelog. Have you noticed the changes? General Notes…

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