Battlefield 4 ‘Death Shield’ Bug Discovered

That’s right folks, Battlefield 4 is suffering from yet another game breaking bug. Prolific Battlefield 4 Youtuber ‘Jack Frags’ who recently brought us the Megalodon discovery. Has discovered yet another bug to add the seemingly unending tide of issues plaguing EA’s headline multiplayer shooter.

Although it may have initially been difficult to spot, the bug takes place during the short period of time where a player can either accept or refuse a revival after being killed. The dead players body currently residing in limbo essentially acts as a human shield for other players, protecting them all damage in the game and even deflecting tank projectiles. this may sound like a benefit for your own team, however in a cruel twist of fate any grenades thrown will also bounce of this human shield and back toward the player who threw it.

The bug can occur practically anywhere a player can be reviewed, no doubt DICE are working furiously to include a fix within the next Battlefield patch.

You can check out the bug in action in this video.

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