June 2014 DLC Release Schedule

June is all about the E3 hype-train. Expectedly, the game releases have slowed down considerably, and those that are releasing are not seeing a great amount of content. At least, not right away.

Most have pre-order incentives, such as the Bruce Lee character for UFC and Wildstar’s Deluxe Edition extras.

The big releases this month are Killzone Shadow Fall’s Intercept DLC, as well as the Streetfighter IV Ultra upgrade and the third Call of Duty Ghosts DLC pack, Invasion.

We’re also expecting to receive new information on Titanfall’s next expansion this month, and hopefully release dates for the long-awaited Resogun DLC, Battlefield IV Dragon’s Teeth and GTA V Online Heist Missions.

Here’s the full breakdown as we currently see it. This list will continuously be updated throughout the month…

Release Date Game DLC Format Price
June 3rd Call of Duty Ghosts Invasion XO/360 £11.99
June 3rd Streetfighter IV Ultra Street Fighter IV PS3 £11.99
June 3rd Goat Simulator Patch 1.1 PC Free
June 3rd Wildstar Deluxe Rocket House. Hoverboard Mount. More PC £40.00
June 3rd Pixeljunker Shooter PS+ Game PS4 Free
June 4th Streetfighter IV Ultra Street Fighter IV 360 £11.99
June 17th UFC Bruce Lee DLC Pre-Order PS4/XO/PC Free
June 24th PvZ: Garden Warfare All Previously Released DLC PC Free
June 27th Transformers: RoDS Weathered Warrior DLC Pre-Order All Free
June? Battlefield IV Dragon’s Teeth All £11.99
June Grand Theft Auto V Online Heist Missions 360/PS3 Free
June Grand Theft Auto V Gun DLC 360/PS3 Free
June KillZone Shadow Fall Intercept PS4 Unknown
June Mario Golf World Tour Star Pack 3DS
June? Resogun Local-Co Op DLC PS4


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