The Blackout Club Update #7 takes you to Somniloquy

The next major update for The Blackout Club is out now and makes some significant changes to the game.

You’ll now get to spend time in a murky barracks where sleepers now reside, and venture into Somniloquy which is full of smoke chambers and rooms isolated by space and sound insulation.

To go hand in hand with the new areas, a new Hide the Evidence mission has also been added which tasks you with finding and removing evidence. You can even gain bonus XP for cleaning up the trail left behind.

The UI has also seen an upgrade with all menus being overhauled, such as the new session menu asking hosts to specify whether they want a public or friends only game.

Other changes include

  • Changes to replication to reduce the CPU load on the host machine
  • Ragdoll improvements for AI (should be less juddery, react better to crossbow)
  • Many, many UI fixes
  • Fix for AI getting into an unresponsive state
  • Fix for getting stuck in the sleeping bag on load (rare, but very annoying)
  • Fixes to footstep guide to prevent it walking into the sky for no good reason
  • And More!

The Blackout Club Update #7 is now available to download.

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Ray Willmott

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