The Crew 2 has a full DLC roadmap coming up through 2020

The Crew 2 is getting an extensive content roadmap over the next few months.

Beginning July 15, there’s a Beach DLC which introduces the Volkswagen Beetle and a bus

Neon Battle follows on July 22 with the Kawasaki Ninja H2 Motorcycle.

Event wise, there will be a Dust Bowl event in July, and throughout August multiple other events, including Human Nosball, So French 2 and Flashy 80s.

This is just the start of new features coming to the game throughout the rest of 2020.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Ubisoft are currently facing numerous allegations of sexual harassment. While key personnel from the company have been removed from senior positions over the weekend, tonight the company disappointingly made the decision not to address the allegations made against them during their Ubisoft Forward livestream. 

Articles linked here and here explain the situation in full, providing appropriate context.

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