Timesplitters gets the CryEngine Upgrade

Monkey lovers will be pleased to learn that a team have taken it upon themselves to rebuild Timesplitters from scratch using CryEngine 3.

Timesplitters. Ah, the fond memories I have of that game. I’m sure I’m not alone in waiting and hoping for Timesplitters 4, Sadly, i’ve begun to lose hope that we will ever see the series making a next gen appearance.

While we’re no further forward getting an official release, thankfully something is happening with the series, but it’s not what you might expect.

Timesplitters: Rewind is a spiritual sequel to the Timesplitters series, developed by 25 talented fans. Crytek, the owner of the Timesplitters IP, have even gave the team the go-ahead to resurrect the series in their beautiful CryEngine 3. So, what’s actually going to be included in the game? Everything, but the campaign and co-op modes. Sorry Perez, you won’t be returning to Planet X this time.

Rewind aims to focus on the Multiplayer and Challenge modes that Timesplitters fans grew to love. Apparently, the team was asked if they would like to use the assets from the original game, they declined. The team aim to capture the whole Timesplitters experience, using CryEngine 3’s power to re-create everything from scratch, and provide us with a demo by December. No actual date for the finished product release has been announced, but the team are hoping to make it available shortly after the demo has been released.


Without dedicated fans to the series, this wouldn’t have happened. Although the team are only working on the game in their spare time, progress is happening, even if it is slow.

The game will be 100% free when it releases, and not only that, but the team plan to release frequent updates for the game including bonus playable characters.

This is possibly one of the most exciting things to happen in the Timesplitters series in a long time and as a long-term fan I can’t wait to see what the team are creating.

But for now…It’s time to split!

(Source: 100,000 strong)



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