Your Titan Will Be Ready In…

Sometimes in life, it has been said that truth is stranger than fiction. I must admit that I didn’t foresee myself writing about the Thailand Toy Expo over a bank holiday weekend, but when I heard that designer toy manufacturer Threezero revealed Titanfall prototypes that come complete with their pilot, sometimes you have to stand-up and take notice.

Some of you may remember that the Japanese toy manufacturer revealed their plans to create Titanfall figures back in March, but last week they used the Thailand Toy Expo as an opportunity to unveil early prototypes of the anticipated figures that will be heading to a man cave or geek room near you in the near future.

For those of you that didn’t make it to Thailand last week, have no fear, because the nice people at Threezero have posted some hands on photos of their latest creation over on their Facebook page.


Take my money now

Atlas is around 20.5″ tall, whilst the pilot is 6″ tall. Both will be fully painted unlike the photo – these are just prototypes – but most importantly, you can open the Atlas’ cockpit and fit the pilot inside.

These figures will be available for pre-order later this year and their Facebook page also states that they “have more Titans in the works”, but there is currently no release day set or price details available. Maybe it’s time to get saving now, so this Christmas you can say the line “shut up and take my money”.

Will you be pre-ordering? Do you have a geek room where you proudly store your collections of super cool items purchased online? If you do, I want to hear from you, so please email me with details and a few photos of your collections as I would love to run a feature in the next few weeks.

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