Sir, You Are Being Hunted out of Alpha

Just the other day, the game Sir, You Are Being Hunted, was taken out of Early Access, and released into its V1.0 build.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what Hunted is, it’s a Steampunk inspired survival game, based around scrounging out supplies (Name in the shape of lukewarm tea and biscuits, cheese and other assorted “British” foods), as well as weaponry to fight back against those that are hunting you.

Who’re you hunting, you might be wondering?

Why, these charming fellows of course!

Smart, ruthless, and late for tea!

They hate humans, or at least they enjoy the sport of hunting them. After you’re left stranded in their realm, you’ll be forced to fight off a variety of the blighters. Of course…Fighting isn’t something you should treat lightly. Your best weapon is your wits. You won’t last long if you run headlong into a roaming hunting party, but you might just manage to avoid being noticed by them if you tuck yourself up inside the local flora! Force will lead you to an early grave, but guile might just let you scrape your way back home, and hopefully before teatime!

The aim of the game is to survive, of course, as well as gather up all the fragments of the machine that brought you to such a hostile and ungentlemanly land! All of the fragments are heavily guarded by the robotic menace, and it’s not as simple as walking up and asking them for the fragment. It’s there as bait for you after all! The best way to grab the fragment is pluck it out from beneath their noses! Create distractions. Make a few traps. That sort of thing! Got a few empty bottles? Cob them somewhere away from you, and watch them go running after it! Got a toy train? Drop it down and let them chase it to their heart’s content! There’s a number of ways you can make distractions, and certainly a few ingenious ways to shut them down, ready for the pillaging!

Heck, sometimes you don’t even need to do anything at all. The robotic menace isn’t just one shapeless mass, all bent with the intention of shooting and stuffing you. Different factions of robots will fight each other should they come across one and another, thinning out the crowd for you in a decent enough manner, and maybe even giving you a gun to defend yourself with!

And when I mentioned “Shapeless”, I mean it. There’s all sorts of different bots out there to contend with. You’ve got them all, from robotic dogs to gigantic sea monsters, to even…The elusive Landowner.

Some aren’t as hostile as others preferring to exchange pleasantries with you, right up until you draw your weapon on them, and others will never ever stop chasing you if they even catch a whiff of you. Some will lie in wait, blending in with the countryside, and taking you down with cleverly laid traps. Some might not even appear to be a threat at all, but eerie pieces of the landscape…Until you wander right past them. Some might not even attack, but they might make your life extremely difficult. Such as the ominous Balloon, hanging over the sky like a vulture, filling the air with the droning of it’s engines, a massive searchlight probing at the land like the Eye of Sauron. And just like that massive eye, if it spots you, you’ll have an army bearing down upon you. Not Uruk-hai, but those selfsame emotionless blighters.

It’s a game that’s certainly worth it’s time and it’s money! If you love strategy, stealth and heart-pounding chases, then this is the game for you. You can find more info, and purchase it from the Steam Store.

Don’t be late for tea!

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