Torment Tides of Numenera shows off combat in new trailer

A brand new trailer has just gone live for Torment Tides of Numenera which shows off the game’s complex, engaging combat.

It shows that players can solve a situation using stealth, deception, as well as face-on collisions. This can come from dialogue choices, or consequences of battle.

These abilities are derived from three trees – Might, Speed, and Intellect.

Players will unleash Cyphers to gain further advantages which, among other things, allows you to carry more items without sacrificing other aspects, and to increase your competency in combat.

The trailer also shows you the benefits of finding allies to team up with you, and creating synergy between party members to further improve your output. Essentially, it really shows the benefits of certain choices, and you will really have to weigh up the options available to you to prove yourself a competent warrior on the battlefield.

Take a peek. It certainly whets the appetite ahead of the February 28th launch.


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