Total War Rome II DLC Desert Kingdoms releases March 8

It’s been a few years since we’ve had any updates on Total War Rome II but there will be some new DLC in Desert Kingdoms on March 8.

Desert Kingdoms will introduce four new playable factions which add new units, buildings and tech trees to the game. You’ll now be able to play as the Nabatea, Kush, Masaesyli, and Saba.

The factions are battle-hardened warriors who have acclimatized to the shifting sands in the desert and use them to gain advantages in battle.


These desert warriors have an added bonus to morale in desert battles and even earn bonus income from agriculture.

There will also be a free content update for the game which adds female leaders and generals. We loved our look at the original game which you can check out here.

Total War Rome II Desert Kingdoms can be purchased for £6.29

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