In Other News: Trials Fusion, 2Dark

A short, but sweet In Other News this week as we check out two key articles from God is a Geek and The Average Gamer

The Average Gamer




Fresh from the creator of Alone in the Dark comes a brand new horror came called 2Dark. Now a co-founding member of Gloomywood, Frederick Raynal has decided to invest in indie development with Gloomywood co-founder Thiery Platon and together they have come up with this interesting sounding survival horror. To hear more about Debbie’s Gamescom experience, go check out the piece right here

God is a Geek

Let’s Play Trials Fusion Empire of the Sky


And while Debbie is getting scared half to death, Colm Ahern is…well…thrill-seeking. With new DLC Empires of the Sky now available for Trials Fusion, God is a Geek have put together a video to show you what it’s all about. So sit back, relax and enjoy the mayhem!


And that’s that. Now, we know Expansive is pretty awesome and THE place to find all kinds of cool stuff, but these four sites, in particular, produce daily, first-class content which we think you’ll love. So be sure to keep checking them out (when you’re not checking us out, of course!) and keep up with them and the work they do! 

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