Trine 4 Melody of Mystery DLC comes to PC this month, consoles in 2021

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is about a year old now but that hasn’t stopped Modus Games releasing new DLC this month.

Entitled Melody of Mystery, we got our first glimpse of the content in a new teaser trailer today. It’ll release on PC this month, with other formats getting it in Spring 2021.

Melody of Mystery includes six new levels with upgraded abilities and fresh puzzles which use new elements like ‘sheets of ice, torches, magnets and crystals’.

The content looks like a lot of fun, hopping between various vibrant environments while telling a story that belongs within the universe of Trine.

More news on Melody of Mystery as we get it, but doesn’t seem like we have much longer to wait. On PC, at least.

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