Two Point Hospital visits Pebberley Island in new DLC Expansion on March 18

Two Point Hospital will receive a major DLC expansion two weeks from today when it visits Pebberley Island.

You will visit a tropical island, Wiggy Silverbottom, an intrepid explorer wants to discover the secrets of eternal life and bring them back to his establishments.

On Pebberley Island, you’ll get three new scenarios to play through, which include chartering your way through a jungle, and climbing a topless mountain.

Three new hospitals have also been added with the distinctly unhygienic Pebberley Reef, the seemingly abandoned Overgrowth, and the nigh-on unreachable Topless Mountain.

34 new illnesses are also included, like Wanderlust – a longing desire for adventure – and Blank Look which sees all facial features recede out of existence. Yikes!

With new items and other secrets to explore, Two Point Hospital is getting a whole new world – quite literally – added for new adventures.

Pebberley Island releases for £6.29 on PC, Mac, and Linux

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